Company History

History of Daycoa, Inc.

mom-and-dadIn 1957, Don Gealy became disenchanted with the business practices of the electrical company he was working for so he decided to start his own company.  So he borrowed money from his mother and started Daytron, Inc. pursuing his goal. After setting up his office and warehouse at his residence, he hired a salesman, Jim Watson.  Don and Jim sold, packed then delivered the product local customers, while Mary; Don’s wife managed the books.

As time progressed, so did the number of local salesmen. The warehouse was moved to the back of a shoe store in Vandalia, Ohio. Don’s first order of business was to set two simple guidelines.  (1) The customer comes first. (2)  The salesmen were to be honest and fair when serving the customer. “We are not a glass tower company but a group of people working together to build a future.” “If necessary, we will go on foot and out of our way to render service to our customers.”

The company moved to 8 Monument Avenue in Dayton, Ohio.  Due to a conflict in names with another company the name was changed to Daycoa, Inc. Jim Hubbard became the Purchasing Agent and remained so until his death. Jim Buck performed warehouse duties, designed the office and sales manuals.

Picture of Don Gealy, Jim Hubbard, and Jim Buck.

In 1963, Don bought a 20,000 square foot building at 50 Walnut Road in Medway, Ohio where Daycoa, Inc. resides today. The first catalog and price guide was printed.  Local people were hired as the Company grew.

Picture of the building (old 1963) and (new 2013)

Daycoa Banner

jimgealyaspresidentMr. Gealy saw many employees and salespeople come and go over the years but lost his zeal to run the Company when his wife died in 1975.  His son, Jim took the helm as President. Jim’s two sisters became involved as Vice Present and Secretary.

3ofusafterdaddiedIn 2004, Jim Gealy retired and Linda Ricciardi became President.  Papers were filed and we became a certified woman owned corporation serving customers in 10 states.

lindapresidentJim died on April 1, 2009 but his guidance and our father’s strict teachings were handed down to me.  Today, I rely heavily on those business practices and tap into all the past experiences on a regular basis.

In the past several years we added a few new hires, gave the building a face lift and stepped up our marketing strategy including a new logo and web site.